Keyword Search is a kind of searching of general keywords, authors, titles and subjects.
Search Pattern >> Type in words or phrases in Search Pattern box.
Field/Category >> Select Field/Category (Ex. Author, Title, Subject, etc.)
Database >> Select Database.
Search >> Click Search for searching.
Reset >> Click Reset for clear words or phrases in new search. 



Steps in Using Keyword Search

1. Type in words/phrases in Search Word/Phrase
2. Select Field/Category
3. Select Database for searching



4. Click Search for searching
The result of searching will be displayed in the form of "Occurrence List". Click the keyword under "Search Result : Occurrence List" and Title List will be shown in the screen.



The Result of searching
If it has no data then will be shown No Entries.
If it has data then will be displayed in the form of Search Result : Occurrence List.
User can take words /phrases that used to searching and use And, Or, Not, Adjacent and With to define data.
This search is the same as "Expert Search"The list of results you can click on records. It will display the bibliographic information.
This page has Search Word/Phrase box for type in words/phrases that used to searching or type in new words/phrases for searching again, or click "Keyword Search" for new search.