Good News  

Books, e-books, text books or any Journal articles are now readily available for request,  while  any other books of interest can be reserved (all on line) through "AU Library Mobile" application and conveniently picked up at our service counters; by simply downloading the following:
Inter-campus delivery  is a service designed for Books and Journals to be delivered between campuses (Hua Mak, Suvarnabhumi and City Campus) 
1. You can borrow books between the campuses. 
2. Fill out the request form. 
3. Hua Mak and Suvarnabhumi Campuses pick up the books you've requested at the Circulation Counter on the following day, orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will arrive on Monday.   
4. City Campus pick up the books you've requested at City Campus on Tuesday and Thursday. 
  • iBond (New Online Database) 
The Thai Bond Market Association introduced the communication and information service called "Thai BMA Bond Information Service, BIS" available for Thai BMA dealer-members and market participants since May 4, 1999. 
Please contact a librarian at Information services on each campus for account to log in database.
AU Library would like to invite you to do our online survey.
Thank you for your kind cooperation.
1. Renewal needs to be made 1 to 3 days prior to the due date. 
2. Maximum renewal is two times consecutively. 
3. The system will not allow renewal if 
     3.1 Library resource is overdue
     3.2 Library resource is on hold by another user
1. Choose EndNote from the list of available programs. Click on the OS Icon for download.
♦ Download Endnote X8
♦ Get a Product Key EndNote X8   ( You must be AU Faculty, Student and Staff )
♦ Download EndNote Plugin