Borrowing Policy

1.  The maximum number of books that can be borrowed :

          10 volumes for undergraduate students

          15 volumes for Master students

          20 volumes for Ph.D. students

          30 volumes for Faculty

          10 volumes for staff

          5 volumes for Alumni/Outsiders

2.  The same borrower is allowed two renewals of borrowed materials if there are no other borrowers for the same materials.

3.  If a book one wishes to borrow is not on the shelf, the status of the item may be checked at the Circulation Counter. Items already

     on loan may be reserved when returned, or recalled from the borrower who has the item.

4.  Overdue fines will be calculated from the date due to the date when the book is returned.

5.  The responsibilities of the borrower of library materials are as follows :

     -The borrower is responsible for any damage or loss that occurs to the borrowed materials from the date  of taking them out until

     the date of returning them to Library. Also, the borrower is to inspect any damage to the materials before taking them out of

     the library.

     -In case of damage to the borrowed materials, the borrower must pay the costs of repairing the damage.

    -In case of loss of borrowed materials, or loss of some pages in the materials, the borrower must report and pay twice the costs

     of the materials.

6.  Reference books, newspapers, journals &magazines, ect. are not allowed to be taken out of the library.