Browse Search is a kind of general searching, and search result will be sort by alphabetical.

Search Pattern >> Type in words or phrases in Search Pattern box 

Field/Category >> Select Field/Category (Ex. Author, Title, Subject, etc.)

Database >> Select Database.

Type >> Select Type.

Language >> Select Language used in the materials.

Publishing Country >> Select Publishing Country.

Item Location >> Select Location of resources.

Item Class >> Select Class of materials (Ex. Books, Reference, Serials, etc.)

Year of Publication >> Type year 4 digit to limit PubDate.

Line per page >> Select the number of results to be displayed per page.

Search >> Click Search for searching of results to be arrange.

Reset >> Click Reset for clear words or phrases in new search.

For browse search type the text such as the title, author, and subject. You can typing a word in to Search Pattern box if you want to narrow the Result click on Search Option to limit the result.