Cathedral of Learning* 

It has always been my dream to build a Cathedral of learning and to create in and around it an atmosphere that is healthy are refreshing to the active mind, intellectually stimulating and spiritually fostering and enriching; in other words, an atmosphere conducive to learning and becoming … a complete man/woman, a new man/woman for a new millennium – someone imbued with a new humanism.

To this end, the idea of the “university in a park” has become a prominent concept of the campus wherein thousands of trees are grown, to bring nature back to young men and women so that they will be able to walk and to sit in the great silence of the landscape, with tranquility of mind, contemplating how, in peaceful splendour, the sun rises and sets while radiating warmth that gives life to all things.

In this environment, the inquisitive and enquiring minds will have their play and their fulfillment. All learners will steadily grow in knowledge and wisdom.  

* “Education is an unending process of completion and learning.”