The first temporary library was established in 1972 and housed on the 2nd floor of Sts. Philip and Bernard Hall occupying the two-classroom space. Initially known as “Department” the first library was under the management of Vice President of Academic Affairs. 


The library was then transferred to the ground floor of the Auditorium and then known as “Library 1” providing general textbooks to users. In the same year, it was expanded to the 5th floor of de Montfort Hall which was referred to as “Library 2” providing general textbooks, journals, newspapers, students’ reports, periodicals, news’ clippings and other miscellaneous publications.



The third library was established on the 11th floor of Assumption Building with the purpose of expanding the storing and reading spaces addressing the needs of faculty members and an increasing students’ number. Known as “Phathanodom Library” in honor of Mr. Naowarat Phathanodom who donated the amount of Bt400,000- for its development. This newest library’s branch was inaugurated on July 31, 1984.



As the Graduate Study/Program was initiated during this period, the “Library for Graduate School” was as well established for the service of faculty members and graduate students.



The new “School of Arts’ Library” was established on the 4th floor of St. Gabriel Building. On the occasion of his participation in the opening ceremony of the MARTIN DE TOURS Hall and the School of Arts, on February 18, 1987, Dr. Subin Pinkayan Minister of the then Ministry of University Bureau, took the opportunity to visit and inspect this newly launched library.



The library was upgraded to the “Central Library” located at the St. Gabriel Building and directly under the Management of the University’s Rector.The then “Library 1” and “Library 2” were moved to this “Central Library.



When the new School of Sciences and Technology and School of Engineering, the “Science Library” was launched on the 1st floor of Queen’s Tower to support the teaching and learning of these newly opened faculties.



Once the tallest 39-Story “Cathedral of Learning Building” was erected at Suvarnabhumi Campus, the newest library occupying its 1st through 9th floors, was opened. Popularly known as the “Cathedral of Learning Library” the library derived its name from the giant towering building where it is now being housed.



In this same year, the “Library for Graduate School” and the “Science Library” were transferred to the central library and eventually named “St. Gabriel’s Library” which is now located at Hua Mak Campus.



During this year, the new library named “Law Library” for School of Law was opened on the 1st floor of the Queen’s Tower. This new library branch is mainly aimed at servicing law faculty members and graduate law students.


Presently, there are only two main libraries namely: The “Cathedral of Learning Library” located at the Cathedral of Learning Building, Suvarnabhumi Campus and the “St. Gabriel’s Library” located at St. Gabriel Building, Hua Mak Campus.