Library Membership

Library Membership
You can apply for a library membership to borrow materials from the library at circulation counters both of campuses and there is
no charge.

Membership for Students
Please bring along the following items: Student I.D card

Membership for Faculty and Staff
Please bring along the following items: I.D. card

Alumni  / Outsiders
• Two one-by-one inch (1x1) current photographs.
• Copies of current Identity Card and Census Record.
• Membership Fee 2,000 Baht/year
• Damage Insurance Fee 3,000 Baht (One time payment)
• Damage Insurance Fee will be refunded upon expiration of membership.
If not claimed within six months, then it becomes an income of the library.

Membership Responsibilities
• A membership card is non-transferable.
• The member is responsible for materials borrowed for the library, and pays for the cost of lost or damaged books.


 Borrowing Privileges

The maximum number of books that can be borrowed:

Member No. of Item Loan Period (Day)
Undergraduate Students 10 7
Master Students 15 14
Ph.D. Students  20 14
Faculty 30 30
Staff 10 30
Alumni / Outsiders 5 7


  1. The same borrower is allowed two renewals of borrowed materials if there are no other borrowers for the same materials.
  2. If a book one wishes to borrow is not on the shelf, the status of the item may be checked at the Circulation Counter. Items already on loanmay be reserved when returned, or recalled from the borrower who has the item.
  3. Overdue fines will be calculated from the date due to the date when the book is returned.
  4. The responsibilities of the borrower of library materials are as follows :
    1. The borrower is responsible for any damage or loss that occurs to the borrowed materials from the date of taking them out until the date of returning them to Library.
    2. Also, the borrower is to inspect any damage to the materials before taking them out of the library.
    3. In case of damage to the borrowed materials, the borrower must pay the costs of repairing the damage.
    4. In case of loss of borrowed materials, or loss of some pages in the materials, the borrower must report and pay twice the costs of the materials. 
    5. Reference books, newspapers, journals &magazines, ect. are not allowed to be taken out of the library.



Most library materials may be renewed any of various ways: online, in person, via e-mail, Line Application, or by phone.


1. Online

Library materials may be renewed online within 1 to 3 days prior to the due date. 


1. Maximum renewal is two times consecutively. 

2. The system will not allow renewal if 

     2.1 Library resource is overdue

     2.2 Library resource is on hold by another user

<< How to Renew on WEB >> 

2.   In person 

At circulation desk you can always renew items in person, but in-person renewals are required under the following circumstances:

If you've reached the maximum number of renewals allowed online. (If so, be sure to bring the material with you.) 

3.   Email / Line Application

You may renew by e-mail in two ways:

Refer to the reminder email you received prior to the item coming due. Request that the item be renewed.

Requesting it be renewed. Include your ID number and the detail of the material you wish to renew. 

4.   Phone

Library also accept renewal requests over the phone. Inform your ID number and the detail of the material you wish to renew.




Most borrowed material may be returned to almost any all library campuses.


Ways to Return Books
• At a circulation desk during open hours.
• Book Drop Box, located outside of the libraries (After closing).
• Books returned through Thailand Post. Please address packages to:

Assumption University (St. Gabriel's Library)
Hua Mak Campus
592/3 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 24,
Ramkhamhaeng Rd., Hua Mak, 
Bang Kapi,
Bangkok 10240,
The Cathedral of Learning Library Suvarnabhumi Campus
Suvarnabhumi Campus
88 Moo 8 Bang Na-Trad Km. 26
Bang Sao Thong,
Samut Prakan 10570,


Before contacting us about the status of your books, please check My Account