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Find books, journals, and articles within the library.

The library catalog is a register of all bibliographic items found in the AU Library (e.g., books, journals, computer files, journal articles, etc.) Since 1972 as the first temporary library was established now we have a large collection of more than 500,000 items of books, journals, and electronic materials. 

The library catalog is the reader’s chief means of discovering and locating material in the library.       

  1. It points out the location of the books and other types of materials the library holds by giving the location or call number.
  2. It lists in one place, in alphabetical order, all books (and nonbook materials, if they are included in the catalog) by a particular author or on a particular subject, regardless of their locations in the library.
  3. It provides several ways of finding materials, listing them by author, title, subject; by coauthor, translator, or illustrator if there is one; and often by series if the work belongs to a series.