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SAGE Business Cases
SAGE Business Cases is our robust digital collection of business cases tailored to library needs – providing faculty, students and researchers with unlimited access to more than 4,850 authoritative cases from over 120 countries. SAGE curates interdisciplinary cases on in-demand subjects such as entrepreneurship, accounting, healthcare management, leadership, social enterprise, and more.

SAGE Skills: Business
Empowers students to develop and practice real-world skills needed to successfully transition from campus to the modern orkplace through interactive self-assessment, virtual scenarios, downloadable data, and expert insights.

SAGE Video - Business and Management
In today’s changing university and college landscape, users are seeking engaging and convenient digital content to support their instruction, learning, and research in a greater variety of ways. Streaming video represents a natural fit for these user groups based on its ease of accessibility and popularity as a medium.

SAGE Video - Leadership
SAGE Video brings teaching, and research to life through editorially curated collections across the social, behavioral, and health sciences. Developed in partnership with leading content providers, academics, and practitioners, including many of SAGE's levels of higher education. They are designed to support the instructor, student, and academic researcher through a combination of originally commissioned and produced material with licensed and co-produced content.

Watch cutting-edge streaming video that supports teaching, learning, and research at all levels.

SAGE Research Methods Video: Market Research
This video collection covers a range of key research methods skills, techniques, and theories for carrying out effective and impactful market research. You will find a range of video types, such as informative tutorials, case studies of research projects, and mini documentaries showcasing industry marketing research in action. From classic methods such as surveys and focus groups, to innovative advances in areas such as big data and social media research, there are resources to fit all levels of research projects.