Library is a great place to study. On each floor of the AU library, you can find many places to study and relax. AU Library offers a variety of spaces for group study, meetings, classes, and presentations. However, some of them require advance reservations. Select a room from the list below to explore the ambience.

The Cathedral of Learning Library (Suvarnabhumi Campus) 

Reading area

2nd Floor

The reading zone, with large tables and chairs, is located on the second floor. It offers a calm setting which is appropriate for the individual study. 


3rd Floor

On the third floor, the reading zone is shady and beautiful because of the Babylon rock garden. Different sizes of tables and chairs are available for either individual or group study. 


 4th Floor

On the fourth floor, the reading zone is with the large tables and chairs for individual or group study. 


Group study rooms 

2nd Floor


Room (CL0203)

ASEAN CORNER is arranged in the group study and it is on the second floor. This corner provides information about ASEAN community. There are four large tables which are suitable for group research and study.


Room (CL0204)

JOHN PAUL II CENTER FOR CATHOLIC SOCIAL THOUGHT is located on the second floor and provides information about Christianity. A large table and a small table are provided for group research and study.


Multi-purpose rooms

5th Floor



The room has a long table that can accommodate 6-8 people. There is a computer and a white board for group work and small group meetings.






This room can be utilized for workshops or group meetings. There are small tables, computers, and a white board provided.





It is a computer room providing a lot of computer devices and multifunctional printers for searching information or holding meetings.



This room can be utilized for English classes such as “English for All”. It can accommodate up to 50 students. A computer and a display are available. It is suitable for meetings and conferences. Reserving the room in advance is recommended.


 Quiet study zones

2nd floor

Quiet zone is intended for solitary research and study. Using a smartphone phone is not permitted, however if it is necessary, do so in the stairwell or other designated areas for a short period of time.


 Relax zones

2nd Floor



A relaxation zone on the second floor provides comfortable sofas. SET Corner provides information relating to finance, investment, money market, and capital market.  


3rd Floor 

A relaxation zone on the third floor provides a pleasant mood and a lovely setting that is inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The different sizes of tables and chairs are available.


 4th Floor

 There are comfortable sofas at the Chakri Dynasty Corner where a small exhibition is arranged, the variety of books is provided, at the Happy Space.


Special Collections

6th Floor

Bro. Martin's Collection is located in the library, 6th floor of Cathedral of Learning (Suvarnabhumi Campus). You can read inside the room or make photocopy, please contact staff on duty.


    Outdoor spaces

3rd Floor
An outside garden on the third floor is inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon which is a stone garden surrounded by ornamental plants, various types of trees, as well as high-relief Thai traditional culture sculptures on the walls. Students can spend their leisure time here.

“ atmosphere that is healthy and refreshing to the active mind, intellectually stimulating and spiritually fostering and enriching; in other words, an atmosphere conducive to learning and becoming... a complete man/ woman for a new millennium - someone imbued with a new humanism".”(Bro. Martin, 2005)


5th Floor
An outside garden on the fifth floor is decorated with Banyan tree style where the students can spend their leisure time.