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strategy™ uncovers and shares the “bold vision, brand new ideas” of Canada’s national marketing community. We deliver on this tagline via our daily news platforms, strategy magazine and strategy events.

strategy‘s quest for the best ideas in Canadian advertising takes the form of many annual competitions, including:

AToMiC Awards
Shopper Innovation Awards
Marketing Awards
Strategy Awards
Agency of the Year (including Media, PR, Digital, and Design Agency of the Year)
Media Innovation Awards
Creative Report Card
Brand of the Year
Marketer of the Year + the Annual Canadian Marketer Survey


Strategic Finance 

Strategic Finance™ is the award-winning flagship publication of IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants). Every month, our thought-provoking articles offer advice that helps financial professionals perform their jobs more effectively, advance their careers, grow personally and professionally, and make their organizations more profitable. SF is consistently rated by IMA members as one of the most accessed and valued benefits of membership.

SF articles are written with the practitioner in mind. Our goal is to cover all the important topics and trends that impact accountants and financial professionals in business, including sustainability, risk management, strategy, financial planning, the changing roles of the CFO and the finance function, budgeting, capital decisions, technology, careers, leadership, and more.