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California Law Review (Berkeley) (Open Access)

The California Law Review is the preeminent legal publication at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. Founded in 1912, the California Law Review publishes six times annually on a variety of engaging topics in legal scholarship. The California Law Review is edited and published entirely by students at Berkeley Law.


Cardozo Law Review (Open Access)

The Cardozo Law Review was established in 1979, and is currently publishing its forty-second volume. It publishes six issues per year, which contain articles and student notes on a variety of legal topics. The Law Review is dedicated to advancing empirical, interdisciplinary, and philosophical scholarship, as well as exploring cutting-edge national issues. It consistently ranks among the top law journals in the country, currently occupying the #26 slot in the Washington and Lee University law journal rankings for the best law journal in the country.


Chemistry Central Journal (BMC Chemistry) (Open Access)

BMC Chemistry, formerly known as Chemistry Central Journal, is an open access, peer reviewed journal that publishes in the diverse field of chemistry, ranging from organic, inorganic and physical chemistry to medicinal and analytical contributions, as well as articles covering chemistry in the fields of environment and energy, materials and macromolecules, agriculture and food, and green and sustainable processes.


Cornell Law Review (Open Access)

Scholarship@Cornell Law: A Digital Repository, a service of Cornell Law Library, provides free permanent online access to published articles, works-in-progress, conference papers, lectures, reports, and workshop presentations produced by Cornell Law School faculty, students, and visiting scholars.