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  • News & Events 

    “AU Free Elective Festival” 


    Planning to take a course this summer, but don’t know what to take?
    Look no further. Here comes “AU Free Elective Festival” by Assumption University Library!
    Check out 14 courses by participating schools that have been adapted for students from OUTSIDE of their majors. Course exhibition on 22 April 2019 (2 days before the summer pre-registration) at AU Library (Suvarnabhumi Campus), so save it in your calendar. And don’t forget to follow Assumption University Library Facebook Page for more information and updates about the event.
    Let’s go and learn more about these schools in AU & make some new friends!!!
    #AULibrary #FreeElectiveFest #AUSummer


    For All Faculties

    International Pedagogical Forum, IPF 2019

    (on 4–8 November 2019)

    The Organizing Committee of The International Pedagogical Forum (IPF 2019) presents its compliments and invites you to become a partner of our global educational project. We would like to invite your university to participate in the forum as one of the top universities in the world. You will get the chance to send your best teachers to all the cities where the forum is held. They can present your university to other top educators from around the world and the global educational community. University will provide information about what kind of students are needed today, what methodologies help them gain today's necessary qualities and skills, and how to identify the most talented and promising candidates so they have the opportunity to join your community. We will provide your representatives with accommodation, meals and participation in the forum in all five cities.
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    Library Announcement 

    Good News! 
    We're pleased to announce that the Library offers Photocopying, Scanning and Printing Services now available on the 2nd and the 5th floors of the Cathedral of Learning Library (Suvarnabhumi Campus)

    Good News  

    Books, e-books, text books or any Journal articles are now readily available for request,  while  any other books of interest can be reserved (all on line) through "AU Library Mobile" application and conveniently picked up at our service counters; by simply downloading the following:
    iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/th/app/au-library-mobile/id1416674622?l=th&mt=8
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.isl.library 
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