The Daughters of Wisdom 

Our Story 

    We, the Daughters of Wisdom, trace our beginnings and our spirituality back to 18th century France. There, St. Louis de Montfort walked among the poor and abandoned, telling the story of Jesus.

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      In the poorhouses, in the parishes, on country roads and pathways, he brought the message of the gospel and called for renewal in people's hearts. He spoke of his vision of Jesus as "Wisdom made flesh", God who created all, loves all, and redeems all.  In 1701, Blessed Marie Louise Trichet met Louis de Montfort, and this was a turning point in her life. In a culture where the poor went unattended, Marie Louise was inspired to choose to live among the poor and dedicate her life to their concerns as a woman religious. From the experience of God as divine Wisdom came a deep desire in both Louis de Montfort and Marie Louise Trichet to fashion a way of living that would serve others and make divine Wisdom known and loved. This was the initial inspiration for the Daughters of Wisdom. Following in the footsteps of Louis de Montfort and Marie Louise Trichet, we Daughters of Wisdom have ministered in the fields of education, health care, and social and pastoral outreach, with a special concern for those who are neglected by society. In 1904, the Daughters of Wisdom were forced by the secularization laws of France to seek ministries elsewhere. The first Daughters of Wisdom arrived in the United States in northern Maine in 1904. We presently serve throughout the United States and in areas of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. We number over 1,700 members worldwide and serve in 22 countries.

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